Market-orientied. Intense interaction.

The NiKRASA competence team.

For NiKRASA, a heterogeneous competence team has deliberately been set up. Thus, a broad range of strengths, competencies and knowledge has been integrated in the development.

  • The bayernhafen Gruppe represents the combined traffic terminal as intermodal hub and interface.

  • TX Logistik integrates interests and requirements of a railway company as for example practicality or interoperation. TX Logistik also markets NiKRASA.

  • The LKZ Prien GmbH (Logistik-Kompetenz-Zentrum, logistics competence center) is partner for the practical orientation and interface for the combination of all players along the logistics chain. Additionally, LKZ integrates its competencies in the field of funds.

                                    bayernhafen Gruppe

Logo der Bayernhafen Gruppe

The bayernhafen Gruppe operates six locations: Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg and Passau. The sites are centrally located on economic and geographic important nodes combined with an efficient mix of different modes of transport: water, rail and road, makes the location stand out. Every year about 29 million tonnes of goods are handled by ship, rail and truck.

The bayernhafen Gruppe is an active moderator for the development of logistics solutions and networks. They act as site architects, who develop the common company and location strategies, invest in a highly flexible infrastructure and work in close co-operation with the resident companies to unlock added value potential. The aim is, to further strengthen the position of the port as a logistics hub and platform for the worldwide exchange of goods. Strategic area management insures a mix of industries from transport, warehousing, logistics, services and production. 

800 hectares of total port area and around 500 resident companies with more than 12,000 employees make the bayernhafen group one of the most successful logistics networks in Europe and one of the most important motors of the Bavarian economy. The bayernhafen Gruppe itself employs more than 200 staff members. 

The limited company, Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG is the sites operator. The Nuremburg and Roth sites are operated by Hafen Nürnberg-Roth GmbH, with an 80% share by Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG, a 19% share by the City of Nuremberg and a 1% share by the City of Roth. 

Intermodal transport terminals have been successfully established at the bayernhafen locations of Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg and Regensburg - the bayernhafen Gruppe has a stake in the majority of the operating companies.

                                    TX Logistik AG

logo TXLogistik

Founded in 1999 in Bad Honnef, TXLOGISTIK AG today is one of the largest rail transport companies in Europe. With own licences TXLOGISTIK AG is operating in nine European countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, France and Denmark). TXLOGISTIK AG designs transport networks without borders, develops freight transport concepts and offers industry-specific customized solutions from A to Z. In the sense of a combined transport model TXLOGISTIK AG replaces the traditional division of labour in rail transport by modern and lean one-stop shop solutions.

The company offers the whole range of rail cargo transportation including container hinterland transportation, intermodal traffic, finished vehicle- and conventional cargo traffic. For intermodal overland transportation TXLOGISTIK AG is mainly using the North – South axle between Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and Austria/Italy.

The result: TXLOGISTIK AG is moving more than 20,000 trains a year from Germany, the hub of the European flow of goods, through Europe - economically and sustainably.

TXLOGISTIK AG is consistently exploiting the opportunities offered by a rail transport market and in Europe that opens up more and more. This way TXLOGISTIK AG can give new and strong impetus to rail transport within the scope of international transit traffic. 

                                    LKZ Prien GmbH

logo Logistik Kompetenz Zentraum Prien

The Logistik-Kompetenz-Zentrum (LKZ, logistics-competence-center) is a center of innovation for logistics and traffic with interdisciplinary cooperation between economy and science with a regional and supraregional orientation. LKZ develops, controls and coordinates innovative logistics know-how across the borders and brings together all parties of the logistic chain. Thus, processes are designed and optimized. This way LKZ secures workplaces and sites. LKZ develops logistics solutions within the disciplines of business management, computer sciences and technology. By the close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics and the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim a successful transfer of knowledge between science and economy is realized. The public shareholders of LKZ Prien GmbH (Administrative district Rosenheim, Market township Prien, Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria) guarantee a neutral basis for the development of projects.